Dealerplan Peterborough Ltd. provides the advantage of a wide selection of lenders and programs that offer special options tailored towards financing your purchase.

 Here is what we can do:

icon-5Competitive rates and flexible terms from 12 to 240 months allow you to choose the payment that best suits your needs.

icon-5You have the satisfaction of knowing that all financed loans are completely open, with no penalties for increased payments or full payout’s.

icon-5There is no collateral considered only your purchased toy, so your investments and assets are secure.

icon-5Utilize your money wisely, investment returns on compounded interest even at a lower rate will work for you and enable you to cover the expense of your purchase.

icon-5In the event that an unfortunate mishap should occur, with loan coverage and extended warranty available you can be sure that you, your family and your toy are protected.

We at Dealerplan pride ourselves on our professional and courteous attitude and are always ready to deliver the best service possible. Contact one of our representatives today and let us show you how we make your leisure vehicle purchase an easy and carefree experience.



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